Sunday, February 15, 2015

Saturday activities

Saturday was a day out for the Beach Girls.  We went shopping, and then we went shopping.  Ha ha ha...  Where else would you want to go, besides COSTCO.  On a Saturday.

By the time we got back here, it was cocktail hour and stitching time.  And a little bit of painting:

I picked up four more paint pens and two of those are already empty.  Since I cleaned out the store shelves I may need to go to another location if I still have space that needs to be filled.


  1. I'd love to zentangle a mailbox! Are the pens you are using durable exposed to weather? If so would you let me know what they are?

    1. Vicki, I have no idea how long this will last outside. The brand is "craftsmart", distributed by Michaels Stores, Inc. The package says "water resistant" so I will probably try to find an acrylic spray to topcoat the whole thing when I'm finished.

  2. What a great mailbox idea! I absolutely love it. Sadly in my area Canada Post has determined that Community Mailboxes are the order of the day although our local newspaper still gets delivered to our home mailboxes. I need to get the creative juices out to customize our box. Thank you for the idea!


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