Friday, January 30, 2015

And you wonder why I drink

Today's beverage of choice is a  Nutty Russian.  2 parts vodka, one part kahlua, one part frangelico.
This past week or two (really, it's hard to keep track):
1.  The clampy thing on the exercise bike quit working so we go a million miles per hour. Very easy to exercise this way. :-)
2.  The furnace quit. We had a new one installed on Tuesday, and by Wednesday it was blowing COLD air. Thankfully the furnace people saw my facebook plea and they came to the rescue toute suite!! (sp?)
3. The engine  light on my dashboard is lit up, AND I am due for a Drive Clean test in February. (ahem. That means my BIRTHDAY is coming up.) It also means that the car needs mechanical attention. Soon.
4. Today. Sigh. Computer virus. It seems that Great Britain has decided I'm into kiddie porn and they are FINING me £250. Oddly, the police have not yet bashed through my front door with an axe and led me away in handcuffs.  (50 Shades of Grey, anyone?) No. They just want CASH.  Well, that will go to Michael from OMSCOMPUTERS.COM  instead. 
5. Oh yeah. The can opener quit, too.


  1. I'd say don't do anything. Just sit - and drink. What could go wrong then?

  2. I hope you are having more than one!

  3. You are definitely entitled and I think a double should be requested.

  4. Well I'd be drinking too....two...

  5. You girls are such enablers!! :-)


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