Thursday, March 13, 2014

A lot of fluff...

This was my progress by the time the retreat got packed up on Sunday.  Those last two rings that I added Sunday morning took me about three hours, which was the available time between the end of breakfast and the beginning of lunch.  This is one complete row.  Yaay!!  Now I can pack it in a box and not look at it for _______ (insert lengthy amount of time.  Years, perhaps.)
This is my darling Sadie's belly, covered in muck on Tuesday.  It was warm - over 10 c., and everything was melting and filthy.  The whole pack (me, DH, and dog), went for a lovely walk and enjoyed the spring-like temps.
Here is a shot out the front window on Wednesday.  Blizzard.  Everything cancelled, including my guild meeting.  Based on the news reports I think we got about 25 cm of snow.  The winds were howling until the wee hours of the morning.

This is the goofy email we got from the neighbour in the afternoon:
 How are things there? 
 Checking in to let you know I'm still   I'm looking at the sky, thumping my chest, yelling at the gods...."IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?????    C'MON....BRING IT ON!!!
I'm off today and tomorrow.   No need to plow until tomorrow.

 I sent him a reply and requested that he please, STOP THUMPING.  (and, by the way, I meant goofy in a good way.  He makes me laugh.)

So, since my social event for the day AND evening was cancelled, AGAIN, I stayed home and worked on this beauty.  I love samplers.
I also made two loaves of pumpkin bread, with DH's help.  Yum, yum, yum.  Supper was a pot of home made soup, with fresh, warm bread slathered in melting butter, with a few fresh vegetables on the side.

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