Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tumblers in 30's Prints

The binding on this is taking me forever.

The yellow bands have been quilted with a cute strawberry design. Inside the tumbler panels is a curly non-descript pattern.

The outside border design was chosen so I could scallop the edge around the design.

This past week I've been going to the nursing home more than usual.  Mom had a stoke on January 3rd that initially left her unable to speak and unable to swallow.  The swallow bit is what was so devastating - that means no fluids and no food.  For the first few days I thought she was a goner, but she's recovered enough that she's getting 'thickened fluids', whatever that is.  She now sits at a different table in the dining room where they have an attendant to watch the residents and assist with eating.  When I visited yesterday I could understand a bit of what she was saying, but not much.  I often go through all the pictures in her room and talk about the people in them.  Yesterday she didn't recognize anyone - not even her brother Hank, who she loved to pieces, or her mother, who she also loved to pieces.  We were watching some tv and she didn't understand what 'snow' was, or 'ski'.  sigh.  It's really hard to talk to someone who does not comprehend the things we don't even think of as things - they just are.  I hope she was just having one of her not-so-good days and the next time I go she will have a better ability to talk.  The weird thing is - when she is like this she doesn't know me either.  But she says things like "I wondered where you were" or " I'm so glad to see you" - so she knows that I belong in her life in an important way.  How, though, she can't figure out.  Geez - typing this is making me a little teary.  Aging parents are hard on the kids who love them.  Sometimes I wish I was the type of person who could ignore mom and just pay the bills.  It would be much easier emotionally.  But that's not the kind of gal I am.


  1. First time for me on your page, and I have to believe that there is a reason ...... I too have a mom that is going down that path, I love her so much and love to spend time with her. On the challenging days, I try to help her remember things, so if I have to wear a name tag, I do. I also will show her a picture of me when I was younger and I tell her that it's me. What I would hope you take away today is that that you "get to, not got to" take care of your mom, its an important difference. I really feel like I have a special relationship with my mom and thank the lord for everyday he lets me keep her. Have a great day!

  2. I went through this, too....about 3 years ago. mom was medications...lived by herself.....until a stroke one day....then another....from the time of the first stroke till death was 4 months. but she chose that herself. she refused all help...refused food....refused physical therapy....and refused life. she was an unhappy woman and chose death. it is still difficult for the people left behind....whether you fight or give up.


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