Monday, April 9, 2012

Dutch Treat

How pretty is this, just in time for Easter?

The border scallop design is from the IQ.

It's easier to see some of the quilting from the back.

The busy floral print was quilted with a pantograph that matches the border design.

The center panel was freehand quilted, outlining the flowers and filling the background with curls & flowers & leaves.
I have been glued to the quilting machine AND the computer.  I am behind schedule on quilts by about two weeks, and that makes me crazy (crazier than usual).  And the April 30th deadline for income tax is looming.  As usual, I have a schedule of working 1 hour every Monday night to do bookkeeping.  Apparently I am 38 weeks behind on that schedule.

But, today, I FINISHED my bookwork.  I will drop off at the accountant's tomorrow, when I head out for a nice lunch with my s.i.l.'s mom, then I will go visit MY mom.  So, I am taking tonight off, to enjoy a martini...

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