Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another Bargello and Arm Update

A wee while ago I posted a fabulous bargello quilt.  The maker had enough strips to make a second top.  Even though I'm not a lover of brown I think this quilt is gorgeous.  Very rich colours.  It has such depth I just want to sink my hands into it.

This was quilted with the same design as the first quilt.

And, how do country folk amuse themselves in the evening???
My cast was due to come off the week of Feb. 6th but the clinic could not see me until the 22nd.  My skin on the little wrist bones was getting rubbed raw and I was having nightmares about weeping sores inside the cast.  Then the nightmares turned into blood infections and gangrene (you know how your mind runs away with you at night), so I thought for my mental health I had better have dh go to work on me.  I laughed when I saw the top right pic - it looks like he's cutting my hand off.  Right now, I am using a wrist brace and suffering through weakness, swelling and some discomfort.  Next step - physiotherapy.  I was so sad on the weekend - we got a beautiful little snowstorm and I was not able to go out and do my shoveling on the front walk and the back patio.  Weird as it sounds, I really enjoy that job, probably because it is pretty infrequent.  Although, I enjoy weeding the garden too, and that is NOT infrequent.  Actually, I'm already a little worried about whether I will regain enough strength in my arm to take care of the garden this summer.  What will happen with my zucchini crop???  I sure as hell know that dh will not baby it, zucchini hater that he is.

I've been doing so much reading and tv watching since I fell.  The latest book I finished was by Sophie Kinsella:  Remember Me?  I love her books (the Shopaholic series) - they are light fluff and just plain fun.  Similar to the Janet Evanovich books, but with fewer guns and less potty-mouth. Now I've started something a little more intellectual: the Lotus Eaters by Tatjana Soli, about a photojournalist in Vietnam.  In my, um, PAST life I did a lot of other things.  Reading a book would often take me three weeks.  Now, with almost no housework on my job list and pretty much no cooking, I am knocking books off two per week. And I'm already half way through season 3 of Mad Men (downloaded on 'the box' attached to the tv).  Oh, yeah, and I'm still up two pounds, too.

Happy Valentines Day.  Enjoy your chocolates.

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  1. So happy for you to get your cast off. That has to be such a relief to be done with that! We would be the same way, if the doc can't see us to remove casts or stitches or whatever we just do it ourselves. Sounds like you are doing some fine reading and the quilt is a beauty! Just take your time to heal and pamper that arm for awhile. you'll be good as new. I enjoy your blog and your sense of humor, love looking at your lovely quilting.


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