Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's "Spring"

Ahh, for a couple of years now I've really loved when these pop up. They are from a planter I got from Jean & Jane on my 50th birthday.

Sadie has found her not-really-a-frisbee.  And she's not giving it up.

Friggin' dandelions, circled in red (you'll have to click on the pic to enlarge it).  I think I counted 12 in this tiny patch.
I shed a couple of tears tonight, again, over a friend who recently died.  For several years I held a plant swap in June.  DH and I would throw a barbeque and invite our friends to dig up stuff that had spread too much in their gardens.  We'd eat & drink & trade pots of flowers & shrubs & fruits & veggies.  One year Tony brought a zillion pair of garden gloves, crazy guy.  Anyways... I have stuff in my garden from Kathy and tonight when I was thinking about the plant swap she popped into my head.  Then I remembered that she's gone.  People go and you tell yourself that it's part of life, and you carry on.  Then at odd moments you think of someone, and in the act of remembering you remember that they are gone.  And if you're like me, you cry a little more.  Well, Kathy, if you're listening:  I'm still taking care of your (not very) Obedient Plant and I'm really sad that for now, we can't share another laugh.  I will probably think of you EVERY spring until I follow you, wherever the hell you've gone.

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