Thursday, November 25, 2010

Achey body

Aaaahhh.  This was me yesterday.  I'm a little more modest than this cat, so the towel was covering my arse, not my head.  When I was in Houston I was dragging around way too much stuff and my shoulder / shoulder blade / collar bone has not been the same since.

I also dug about 70 leeks out of the garden the other day. Hmm - nope - more. I have about 60 in bags that I'll be dealing with this weekend, and I gave away about 20 on Tuesday night. All those teensy little specs I planted back in the spring did very well.  I thought I should get them out of the ground before it froze. Sylvester the mystery cat was hiding out there (likely mousing).  We scared each other. I came in the house COVERED in mud, so of course, that's when our neighbour popped over to talk to me. Making my usual fashion statement.

The leeks will get the tops and bottoms lopped off.  Then I slice them lengthwise and run them under water to get any mud out.  I chop them up, throw them on a cookie sheet and freeze 'em. Once they're frozen I will move them to freezer containers.  All winter we'll have leek & zucchini soup, or leek & potato soup.  Both are super simple, made with chicken or vegetable broth, a sauteed onion or two, and either a teaspoon of curry or a quarter teaspoon of hot pepper flakes.

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  1. i think we'll be having lots of soup too! thanks for the leeks :)


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