Saturday, October 30, 2010

Purple 9-patches, the kitchen, and Tupperware

Were you in a PURPLE CHARM SWAP a few years ago?  Here is one that has made them up into 9-patches, set with other purple fabrics.

Quilted with Line Dancing, freehand flowers, and wiggly lines.

We don't have cable so I have never been able to purchase stuff from the Shopping Channel.  Some bad bad friend told me they were on line too.  Uh oh.  And so it begins.

If they have a new STOVE on the Shopping Channel, that may be the next thing UPS drops off.  This is the second set of drip pans I am cooking my way through.
I unloaded the dishwasher this morning since the lovely dishwasher fairy magically cleaned everything last night.  As I was putting away the Tupperware sandwich container it brought to mind the conversation I had with DH yesterday.
DH:  "Now I know why I couldn't find it for my lunch."
ME:  "We have two of these containers."
DH:  "I know that.  I couldn't find the lid for the other one."
ME:  "Which is no wonder.  YOU emptied the dishwasher last time."
He is a graduate of the 'stand back and throw' school of dishwasher emptying.  Even Kreskin couldn't find the lid.  About once a month I have to get on a chair and totally empty out the Tupperware section of the cupboards and resort everything into nice little organized piles.  It seems that men have a real problem with Tupperware.  I have two friends who threw out all their Tupperware because their husbands did so much bitching about the Tupperware cupboard.  OMG - I almost had an apoplexy when I heard that.  I LOVE my Tupperware and the stuff costs a friggin' fortune.  Oy yoy yoy.  If there is ever a competition between DH and my Tupperware I cannot guarantee who will win.  After all, Tupperware is guaranteed for life.  Marriage???... not so much.


  1. My husband bitches about the plastic containers too. He unloads the dishwasher and frequently says "We should throw these out, we never use them." Well, if we don't use them, why are they in the dishwasher!

  2. i understand fully. why is it that husbands can't stack tupperware or put their lids back on.


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