Sunday, May 10, 2009

Retreat at Margaret's

If your bathroom looked like this wouldn't you take off for the weekend?

Sue & I went up to Margaret's Thursday afternoon and stayed there until Sunday morning. We went to 2 quilt shops, Fabricland, a quilt show and a chocolate factory. We mailed my postcards for the MQR swap and hit the grocery store for necessary supplies.

We all completed a top from our UFO lists - yaaaayy!!! Now, to get the quilting done.

Yes Margaret, Christmas was over a while ago. Easter too, so move on to the spring wreath.

An observation about men, women, and food:
We gals ate like royalty. Menus were carefully planned, recipes were printed out and fresh ingredients purchased. Cooking was done by each of us and cleanup was shared by the non-cookers. I was allowed to relax (!) and enjoy a martini when I wasn't needed in the kitchen. What did DH live on while I was away? Cheddar cheese alternating with peanut butter sandwiches and frozen pizza. Perhaps it's true, and men really ARE from Mars.

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