Monday, August 30, 2010

SOLO Recap

Thirty longarm quilters descended on Caledonia at noon on Saturday.
They heard there was dessert.

Jane & Kristyn gave us the lowdown on their January sewing mission trip to Nicaragua. You can check out their respective blogs for details. Our meeting on Saturday garnered them $55 in contribution cash.
We had a flip chart for doodling quilting ideas. Too many were shy and needed some strongarming to get them over there to pick up a crayon. Or, maybe they were just preoccupied with my huge pan of (I Can't Believe It's Zucchini) Crisp?Trish from Quality Time Quilting came with her wares - many items specifically geared towards longarm quilters. 'Cause we all like to shop, eh?And as you would expect, show & tell was all about the BACK of the quilts.

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  1. WOW!!!! I wish I knew about that meeting, I may have even come home to Dunnville, to come and visit you guys. Are you a group that meet aall the time? Another garden is full of hugre Zuchini...any chance of sharing that recipe???


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