Monday, August 16, 2010

Scrappy quilts

I quilted two scrappy quilts last week.
This one is freezer paper piecing.
Quilted with Flying Paisley pantograph.
Next up was this scrappy - note the tiny blocks that are used as the centres.
Quilted with a double x-hatch using the Zig Zag & Waves template.
Wednesday was the guild sewing day. It took me all day to make two blocks. The instructions could use a little improvement.
I've always been a Beatles freak. My very first record was their Twist & Shout album. Several months ago it was announced that Paul McCartney would be playing Toronto's ACC centre. I tried to get tickets, to no avail. Then it was announced a second show had been added. "HOT DAMN!!" I thought - I'd get tickets to that show. Um, no. The date for that was last Monday, when I was busy 'prepping' for my Tuesday 'procedure'. Unless I brought a Port-A-Potty with me to the concert it was not going to happen. So, what does my darling brother do?? He sends me pictures, from his Crackberry, FROM THE CONCERT. Bastard. Sibling rivalry is raging through my veins (in between potty visits).
I had to forgive him yesterday, though. He brought us a present. He & his wife live and die by their BBQ and felt sorry for us (our bbq had an incident this spring when a huge wind storm blew it over on it's face and mashed up the knobs making it suspiciously dangerous). So, I'm back to lovin' up my brother.


  1. I do a lot of string quilts but have never done on with rectangular blocks. I love the one you just quilted. What size are the finished blocks? Thanks


  2. Helen, Dan and our daughter went on Sunday. I can send you photos too if you want me to rub it in as well!

  3. Those quilts are very pretty. Must be fun quilting them and looking at all the different fabrics.

  4. Audrey - I assume you are talking about the diagonal strippy quilt. It's made in blocks that measure 7" x 14" and they're stitched together into the long strips.

  5. Kristyn, my brother has set the bar kinda HIGH to get back on my good side.


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