Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"The Day" arrives

Today was THE day. The colonoscopy day. I woke at 8 and gravity took hold of my watery bowels once again... mad dash to the potty. I was back in there not too much later, again. And yet once again around 9. I had two lonely cups of black coffee for breakfast. My appointment was booked for 12:15 and I was very impressed - they were pretty much on time.

I am no longer an IV virgin. The sleepy drip had me spinning in a matter of seconds. Watching the inside of yourself on a monitor while you're stoned is very weird. I remember feeling discomfort at some point, and trying to tell the doc and the nurse, but they just kept on chatting to each other. Louder, it seemed.

In the end (har har har, another pun!!!) I have perfect bowels. Not a lump or a bump to be found. DH weaved me down the hospital hallways to the car (I was still quite stoned when we left), helped me up the back stairs at home, and aimed me towards the bed where I slept the afternoon away. I expelled enough gas to fill at least three beach balls. I dunno how the doc got it all in there??? I spent the evening quite groggy and quasi-sleepy, but I'm feeling pretty much wide awake now. Great. 9:30 pm and I won't be able to sleep tonight.


  1. Thanks for the insight! :-) I'm scheduled for late Sept. lol

    Glad to hear all is well. Still think of you guys often.


  2. This post made me LOL. I had my second one on Sept. 1 (first one 4 years ago.) You pretty much described the process fairly accurately. My dr. had me prepping for a day and a half. MY DH invided his brother and nephew over for a little fishing in the middle of my cleansing process and my BIL cracked jokes the whole time as I was excusing myself every few minutes. Lovely time. Thought your "beach ball" comment was accurate and made me laugh again. Glad to hear you are doing well.

    regi in TX


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