Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rated PG13 for language

Here's a great scrappy quilt. I used my new Circle Lord toy which was part of my prize winnings from their spring challenge.
This is Square Spiral, quilted from one of the big board templates.
The batik quilt was made from my customer's prize winnings from a shop hop several years ago.
Quilted with a freehand feather meander.
This week I'll be taking part of Monday off. Calling in sick, sort of. It's ok, though, my boss is really nice. Good quilter, too. heh, heh, heh. I am calling in sick on Monday because on Tuesday I have a 'procedure' at the hospital. DH is calling in 'healthy but have to drive wife around'.
On Monday I get to prep (what a sweet little term for a most uncomfortable activity) by ingesting horrid chemical stuff that will send me running to the toilet all day long, until I can shit through the eye of a needle. Not exactly what I normally use a needle for. Tuesday is my very first colonoscopy. Oh, yaaay.

If you're still reading, I'll give you a zucchini update. Tonight I made loaves 7 & 8 of zucchini bread. While cleaning up I reached over to put the vanilla away, and realized I FORGOT to add the vanilla to the batter. Crap. (sorry - should not be using that term after the above little story) It's too late to fix it now, I'll just have to see how it tastes.
I also have over a dozen cups of shredded zucchini in the freezer, ready for winter soups, stews, meat loaves, and whatever else I figure I can bury it in.

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  1. What beautiful quilting you do! As to your "procedure", I have had 14 colonoscopies and contrary to what your doctor told you to do to prep, you don't have to drink that awful stuff anymore. You have several options (although too late for you if it's tomorrow!) My last colonoscopy was in June and I did the Miralax prep. Not too bad if you can gulp 32 oz of Gatorade in a hour. Anyway, good luck tomorrow and may you run clear!


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