Sunday, June 19, 2016

Current Events & CQA Quilt Canada Show

Current Events:  I have a new 'ride'.  A black (oooh, mistake!) Honda CRV.   Photo courtesy of Gail, taken on our Red Hat outing last week.  No, I don't have my hat on yet in this pic.  But I DO have my lipstick on.

For the rest of the week I was at Quilt Canada in Toronto.  With the Beach Girls. :-)
Yes, I think we'd had a glass of wine by this time.

Carol Ann gave us all 5 fat quarters as a challenge for October's trip to Tobermory.  So it's her fault my stash report will look bad again this month.

As usual, I took a zillion photos and I won't bore you with them.  These are just three quilts that I found particularly interesting.

I thought this quilt was very creative.
The whole darned thing is made from clothing labels.

This is a really lovely gift of love for her daughter.
Chains and clock bits and all manner of weird & wonderful things.

This one caught my attention because I love samplers.
I love everything about this quilt.
And it was beautifully quilted, too.

We closed off Thursday night with a lecture by my all-time favorite quilter:  Jane Sassaman.

Now, it's back to reality.  Asparagus beetles and laundry.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Baby Quilt (UFO Challenge) & Garden Update

This little cutie was my UFO challenge project for May/June.  And it's all done except for completing the hand stitching on the binding.

I love Flying Geese blocks.  I use the Quilt In A Day ruler(s) by Eleanor Burns to make them.  Four blocks at a time.  What could be better?

It took me two tries and a ruined label to get this to print nicely.  There was much cursing involved.  I ended up zigzagging the label on to a piece of card stock to feed it through the printer.

DH got a little carried away with the potatoes this year.  I had to plant the zucchini in the cutting garden, and I think that's where I will be putting the pepper plants and some of the Roma tomatoes, too.  I'm wondering... did he plan that so there would be no room for zucchini???

This is the section that he fenced off for me to keep out the stupid rabbit.  Yes I know it needs weeding.  But you can clearly see the rest of the garden is pretty tidy.  This takes a bit of finessing to get into - I have to undo a couple of zip ties to open up a section so I can slide through.  Then the fencing falls over, which means I do a bit of swearing and have to go back out and pick the fencing up and prop it up and try again.  So ... you know ... I avoid it. :-)

**!@&*  Dammitall.  Asparagus beetles.  I go out and squash them every day.  Later, like 7 pm-ish they are slower and don't fly away as quickly, so that is a better time to do it.

And speaking of squashing...  As I pointed out, there is not a lot of room left in the "proper" garden.  So I decided to commandeer the front flower bed outside of my workroom windows to plant the butternut squash.  I went out Thursday night and dug a few lovely holes and gently plunked the wee plants into them.  Watered with a bit of Fish Emulsion Fertilizer (because you know I like to be all organic-like, eh?).

**!@&*  Dammitall.  I went out Friday morning and THREE OF THE FOUR PLANTS HAD BEEN RIPPED OUT OF THEIR PLANTING HOLES.  Probably a stupid CAT decided there was buried treasure a fish under the squash.  Stupid cat.

Mmm... strawberries almost ready.

See?  Tomatoes!!  These are the plants that were under the red warmer cones I showed you earlier.

It's been crazy windy and pretty dry so the watering must commence.  It's only 6 am and normally the wind is pretty calm at this time of day but stuff is already blowing all over hell.  Now, I'm off to fight with the garden hose...

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Plantation Garden Quilt & month end stash report

Quilt name:  Plantation Garden.  Oh my gosh, so pretty.

As you should know by now, I love sampler quilts.  For this one I 'themed' the quilting around daisies & feathers.  The braided cable in the borders turned out fabulously, don't you think?

A cute little daisy vine in the ribbon border.

Daisies were repeated in most of the blocks.  Feathers were placed in the repeated setting blocks - you can just see a couple of corners in the photo below.

More daisies and feathers.

Continuous curves and straight lines were used to add unity throughout.

Ooh, the stash report is not looking too good this month.
Used this month:  0 m. Yup - ZERO.
Used YTD:  29.54 m.
Added this month:  .5 m (I went to a quilt show, and as you can see I was really living it up!!)
Added YTD:  70.8 m
NET 2016:  + 41.26 m.

However, you just stay tuned for next month.  I have finished piecing a baby quilt and that will be done before the end of June.  And I have the paint chip/border challenge quilt on the frame right now being quilted.  So that will also be coming off the report.  Granted - these are both small quilts but they will still probably add up to about 10 m.  I hope.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Two Interesting Quilts & the garden

This is a great modern quilt called Paper Clips.

Quilted with "Modern Hourglass" panto.

Ooh, I love this one.  Very funky New York Beauty.

Quilted with Chantilly Lace panto.

My clematis is sooo pretty this year!

The front garden poppies are popping.

The bees loooove the sage.

The stupid rabbit is very healthy.  Last night I got DH to put a big fence around this section of the garden because the lettuce, cabbage and peas are ALL being eaten by the little bastard.  And I planted bean and beet seeds which would also disappear if we took no action.  So there!

Dear Sweet Jesus.  I have dug up about 300 garlic plants that have been seeding themselves over the last couple of years in my cutting garden.  Every time I think I've got all the big clumps I find another one.  I have now learned that you need to clip off the 'scapes' (the curly flower thing) because that is the seed head.

On the plus side, I found STRAWBERRY plants buried under all that garlic.

And on the plus plus side, I planted four ZUCCHINI plants yesterday. :P

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Scene Through A Window & Wazzup In The Garden

This is such a pretty quilt.

Apparently, it was made from two kits for a different quilt.

So the maker had to 'get creative'.  She sure did a great job!

The delivery guy who brought my batting order surprised me when I was still in my jammies.  This four rolls should get me through the next several months.  It's kinda fun to open these up - they're a bit like popcorn, pouffing up when they get released.  Similar to my belly when the jeans come off and the yoga pants go on.   :-)


The asparagus.  Which is delicious.  I have a zillion baby plants now that have come from seed off the parent plants.

The garlic.  Which could use some weeding.  Perhaps today?

Some of the tomatoes.  DH planted these under 'warmers'.  The tubes are filled with water, and retain heat so you can plant a bit earlier than you would normally get away with.  These will come off within the next week.  There are more tomatoes which were planted under plastic cloches, and those are already out from under wraps.

Cabbage seedlings planted a couple weeks ago.  Some of them appear to have been nibbled on by Peter Rabbit.  bastard.  This needs weeding now, too.

Pea sprouts.  These seeds were put in when I planted the cabbage seedlings.  They are now fighting it out with self-seeded cilantro, dandelions, and grass.  More weeding required.

Everbearing raspberries.  These made it through the winter beautifully!

Seedlings under fancy shadecloth.  Zucchini (!!!), butternut squash, and cucumbers.

The useless assistant.   :P