Monday, September 21, 2009

No quilts. Cooking, garden stuff & whining.

I don't have any quilt photos for you today. Sorry, I know that's why most of you show up here - eye candy of the quilty kind.

Tonight I used up what I thought would be my last zucchini to make Charlies Beef & Zucchini something-or-other. It was very very good, served over brown rice. It's just browned hamburger, diced zucchini with a couple cloves of garlic, simmered in tomato sauce with Italian seasoning. Then you add a cup of shredded cheddar and let it melt. mmmm. DH hates it (that may have something to do with the quantity of zucchini in the dish?), so he had his 'comfort food' of sliced potatoes layered with bacon and baked for a couple hours.

However, it is so warm out I may be able to wring another zucchini or two out of the z-patch. About 20 cups of sliced carrots have gone in the freezer now so we should eat well all winter. As long as you consider living on zucchini, green beans, carrots, and plum sauce 'eating well'. If you add enough martinis I suppose that could work?

I'm a little bummed out because my dinner out with a friend scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled. hmph! I've already planted all the wonderful hosta that my friend Sue let me dig out of her garden. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I can't/won't go out tending the garden. I really don't want to get desperate enough that I feel the need to dust the house. Maybe I'll get back to the rug braiding that I haven't touched since May?

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