Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lovely weather and very little quilting

A whole week with no rain. What the hell??? What have I been doing this week when I should have been quilting?

OMG - who is that masked man? And what is he doing to the paint on the garage doors?

Slow down Nellie. He's taking the paint OFF so you can put it all back on.

Yes, it appears I gave up on my artistic relatives and painted my own mailbox. The flowers are not so great, but I love the numbers. Even if I do say so myself.

Ribfest in Burlington was very very crowded. But the pulled pork sammich was very good, and the fries were excellent.

Mr. Hawk showed up for brunch.

We've had another 'incident' with the universe. I stood by, sobbing, as DH took my parrafin bath out to the garbage can. My poor hands will have to settle for self manipulation with olive oil (that sounds really kinky, doesn't it?). That was the same night I was whipping along stitching up a ragtime quilt when the whole tension assembly fell out into my lap. The 'F' word was floating around a lot that night. Hubby managed to fix the tensioner quick as a wink, so thank goodness for him.

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