Saturday, September 12, 2009

Margaret's Quilt, Challenge, CRAP (ick)

My friend Margaret (of the Kawartha Retreat Margarets) had me quilt her mooses (moosi? moose?).

It's flannel top and back so it is really really soft & cuddly.

We've got a challenge going between four of us, and this Christmas Quilt is mine.

I got the top together at guild sewing day on Wednesday. Yaay! Now to get it quilted before the end of October (next retreat date and DEADLINE). These blocks came from two years of guild Birthday Club and one year of Tinner Club. I used a Christmas border print from Northcott Fabrics, both to frame the blocks (which were all different versions of 12" finished - who knew measurements could be so... elastic?) and for the outer border.

I also had to help out a nice lady with her quilt emergency . She'd started quilting this herself on her sewing machine and realized she'd NEVER finish it in time for her mom's birthday. I had her leave in the basting, and her border quilting. I added the circles and the (invisible) s.i.d. in the log cabin blocks.

I've had a particularly CRAPPY Thursday and Friday. Here's a pic of farmer brown 'fertilizing' his field. This smelled suspiciously like sewage sludge from the City of Hamilton (yes, unfortunately I DO know what that smells like).

On Thursday I called the Ministry of Environment to find out what his Certificate of Approval said as far as incorporating this stuff into the soil. Because he wasn't incorporating it. So the nice Ministry lady tells me there has been no C of A issued, AND he's been given a cease & desist & dispose of order (like a week ago). On Friday Ms. Ministry & Friend came out and had a talk with Bad Mr. Tractor Driver. Then she & friend left and he kept on spreading. I was the typical nosy neighbour peering out the window with my binoculars. Embarrassing, I know. Later that afternoon a Ministry Pickup Truck was out talking to Bad Mr. Tractor Driver. I must call Monday and get an update. It smells so bad I haven't been outside for two days. I really need to get at the garage doors, which need their top coats. Gosh, I can't wait to spend hours & hours outside in the nasty air. Anyone wanna come help???


  1. I have enjoyed viewing your blog. The Christmas quilt is Fabulous!!! Your friends flannel log cabin moose quilt is so interesting! please look at my blog:

  2. More great quilting! I like what you did with the Christmas blocks.

  3. Very pretty. I especially liked your quilting on the log cabin.


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