Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of Guild

The garage doors have a coat of primer on them. So do I but that's another story. Had I known the primer was such a good colour I would not have bothered with top coat.

Because I was busy with the doors, I skipped a day of garden harvest - mistake. HUGE mistake. I have now picked enough green beans to support the Jolly Green Giant for 6 months. And another four zucchini.

Today is the opening season of the Caledonia Quilters Guild. Since I'm the primary Program Person (really, there should be a better title for that job) it will take me half the day to load up my car. I have the guild quilt we've made for the Fair Board, I have a survey and three signup sheets, I have the tiny bag sample for a Secret Sister Exchange, my Dirty Dozen Challenge quilt (we're doing a review of them all), the Morning Out Quilt Class sample in case any of the gals are interested in a class. I still have to assemble my sewing stuff for the sewing day and make my lunch. And what am I doing??? Blogging. Very bad allocation of time resource, wouldn't you say?


  1. For me, just typing it all down helps me organize my thoughts and my day. Hope it was a successful kick-off meeting!

  2. Oh be we are sooooo worth messing up your time management!


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