Thursday, September 17, 2009

Long Lost American Friend (and zucchini)

Back in 2000 I met Deby from Ohio when we both attended MQS and were 'fixed up' as roommates. She & her hubby are in Toronto for a few days so she & I got together to do some catching up on each other's lives. And we hit a couple quilt shops, a couple antique stores, a carpet store, and the Cheesecake store.

I've been on a fabric moratorium this year - it seems I fell off yesterday. But I DID find a copy of Wearable Arf that I've been searching for since April.

Zucchini added to the freezer: another 12 cups. And two more zucchini loafs - total 12.

The garage doors are painted, the air still stinks (so does the poor dog!) and the green beans are picked and in the freezer. I've had enough of green beans for the freezer. They're spilling out over the top whenever I open the door like some Chinese sci-fi flick.


  1. And where, pray tell, did you get Wearable Arf? I have never seen it.
    Which quilt stores did you visit?

  2. Stop #1 was Cock-a-doodle Quilts near Yorkdale. Stop #2 was Sew-Sisters near Sheppard & Allen Rd. #2 is where I pickup up Wearable Arf, but I think (?) it was their only copy.


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