Monday, September 28, 2009

Laptop issues, movies & quilting

I've been given a used laptop by my brother so I can do presentations with my new projector. Somehow, Windows XP and Thinkpad and the presentation director have disabled the F7 key (which I need to make the video output scootch on over to the projector).

Here are two of my technical wizards hard at work. I bought them off with lunch at Timmies. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for and the F7 key still doesn't work.

April's quilt looks beautiful. This was a kit she and her friend purchased. I will be working on her friend's quilt this coming week.

On Saturday we went to the movies with my nephew and his new bride (gosh I love the term 'new bride' - it sounds so romantic) to see Bruce Willis' flic Surrogates. Dinner at Lonestar was first. The nephew works at a kitchen design company and was involved in the kitchen building at this restaurant. When we got to the theatre the bride and I went to the potty. She got all kinds of toilet paper stuck to her shoes from a dirty stall. It was trailing out behind her like something you'd see in a cartoon - too funny!! We pulled it off with paper towels because lemme tell you - she certainly did NOT look the romanticized version of a new bride. The movie was good - very entertaining and not too too gory. And it was lovely catching up with the kids.


  1. You get what you pay for. LOL! Beautiful quilting. Your customers obviously get what they pay for!


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