Tuesday, July 28, 2009

25th Wedding Anniversary

Hubby & I have been married for 25 years today. Neither of us can remember what time the ceremony was. But I think it was 2-ish. I had to be told that the scotch-taped dimes spell the word 'silver'. Maybe after a martini or two. I will likely have to share the Lindt balls, but the bag of licorice?... NO WAY.

My friend Diane is having Beach Day this week so I had to beg her to delay it until tomorrow. I thought it would be really bad form to take off on such a momentous day. Although, I dunno, after spending 9,133 days together as married people, would one day REALLY make any difference?

Poor Sadie is already missing me. For Longarm Show & Tell I am bringing my Paducah Challenge quilt and the completed Quilt From Hell/Summer Quilt.

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