Monday, July 13, 2009

Vintage Quilt, Ragtime Quilt, Bye Bye Charla

This quilt has been made from vintage linens, embroidered by my customer and the ladies in her family. It includes embroidered collars and hand tatted edging. What a keepsake. The backing is prequilted eyelet, so there is no additional batting.

In comparison, here is my dog's new car blanket. Yaaay, another UFO off my list. Now I'm down to 16.

Yesterday we had dinner at my brother's to bid a fond farewell to my niece. She will be heading back to Singapore for another year. sniff sniff. We also welcomed the newlyweds home and got all the poop on their New York honeymoon. Of all the times to NOT have my camera with me. They were cooking a turkey for us - at one point the whole barbeque was engulfed in flames. I got the hell out of the way since I was wearing a synthetic blouse and I didn't want to be the secondary attraction. Come to think of it, the last time I saw a bbq engulfed in flames was also at their house. That time I think it was bacon-wrapped appetizers. Very crispy. Dinner was great though, the turkey was fine, and we had my favorite hash brown potatoes with corn flake topping. Yum. Thanks for dinner guys!

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  1. The vintage hankie quilt is so cute but your bbq stories are priceless!


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