Sunday, July 19, 2009

Black & Rose quilt

This is the end of 'work' for this week. The owner brought this quilt to me in a fit of pique - she was just sick of looking at it, I think. It's actually a really pretty quilt. I am certain she will be much more affectionate to it now that it's been away from home for a little while.

I added her initials and the year as part of the quilting.

Variegated thread in the bobbin gives a bit of interest to the back.

Now I'm going to check the garden. I sent DH out to harvest the zucchini and green beans. Next thing I know he's picking up dog poop. I asked him "where's my produce?". "None ready" he says. I am quite aware that the thought of both zucchini and green beans brings out the 5-year-old-who-hates-green-vegetables in him. So I'll go check myself. Then I'm going to visit Mom and let her watch me do some of her embroidery. Maybe I can get her to play a game of 'go fish' with me. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

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