Friday, July 10, 2009

Quilts & garden bugs

These are the blocks I won from the Binbrook guild a few months ago. The ufo blocks have morphed into a ufo top.

I put the top together on Wednesday. My plan (!) is to donate this to Quilts of Valour. Sometimes when they're finished they're so pretty I hate to give them up. The angel in me has to have a tug-of-war with the selfish brat in me. And the selfish brat is the fat one who plays dirty by sitting on the angel. sigh...

Here are Barb's two quilts. It makes me smile that one quilter can have such diverse tastes - bright and bold vs. soft neutrals.
However, I think they are both gorgeous. The blue batiks has wool batting which is my all-time favorite. The taupe quilt has 80/20 which comes in a close second.

Here is my latest boo-boo. I was weeding in the garden Tuesday evening. I was wearing freshly laundered jeans that had been dried on the solar drier. My inner knee felt funny when I went to bed, like I'd bruised it.
When I woke up Wednesday morning that knee was covered in blistered welts and nasty looking red marks. I think perhaps inky-dinky spider mistook the leg of my jeans for the water pipe and crawled inside. But I'm only supposing - I have NO IDEA what ate me.


  1. Ewwww. Nasty! But very nice quilts.

  2. I love that taupe quilt - all of them are great but the taupe one really talks to me!


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