Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter 2013 Beach Day

Beach day has always happened in August.  Well, occasionally late July.  By an interesting turn of events, we were able to schedule a WINTER beach day, here in Caledonia.  I had drafted a finely tuned schedule for cleaning, bed making, and grocery shopping.  Then The Universe decided to plan for a huge winter storm.  Plan B required the gals to arrive a day early.  They are living with a little more dust than they should (seeing as how they are company) because my schedule got thrown out the window.  They really don't care too much, as long as I keep them well lubricated with alcohol.  Thursday arrival found us drinking Captain Billy's Koolaid.  (I use ginger ale instead of cola.)  Yum.

Just LOOK at that weather on tv.  Brrr.

Oat pancakes and Baileys for breakfast, along with a little apres-breakfast shopping in my stash.
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We had an afternoon SKYPE session with the missing beach girl.  Wine all around.
Just like our usual Beach Day at Diane's, we will not go to the beach.  :-)

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