Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Medallion quilt

This is the beautiful medallion quilt I've been working on.  It's not very big but there was a LOT of ruler work.

This center section is actually a pre-printed panel.

This medallion motif was the basis for the designs that were placed in the pieced border.

Designs made to match the above medallion.  I love my IQ computer system.

The back of the quilt included a matching medallion.  It is not exactly centered, but I got it pretty darned close.

Ah, Family Day.  DH made paninis for lunch.  Garlic butter - yum!!!  I had mine with pickled beets that I made last fall.

Walks must include many, many, tinkles.  Like Hansel & Gretel leaving a pebble trail.

Dog walking is all about following verrry closely with our nose whoever was here before us. Ha ha, it was so windy Sadie's tail is blown practically up over her head.
THE WALK is my normal exercise but some days in the winter I just will. not. go.  That is how I broke my wrist - it had been so bitterly cold for days on end, I had ants in my pants and needed to go DO SOMETHING.  Hence, the skating.  I think spring is on it's way, though.  The rain pounding on the windows woke me up this morning.

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