Monday, February 25, 2013

Toadstool quilt

This is such a cute kid's quilt.

Toadstools.  :-)
Quilted with 'Bubbles' pantograph.

Liane Moriarty is the next author I am going to follow.  This was a GREAT book.  At the first page I liked her writing, and the story was very intriguing.  You don't normally hear about men being stalked.

Sunday was a fun day around here.  Actually, it started more than a week ago, when DH began ripping apart the office.  And the basement.  And my quilt supplies storage area.  He ran an internet cable from the office (at the west end of the house) over to the big-ass tv (on a different floor at the EAST end of the house).  The first time he ran out of cable and had to start all over again.  And every trip to Lowes or Home Depot means another wad of cash.  Anyhoo... yesterday was tech installation by our darling nephew.  If you think you just plug televisions into the wall and change the channel?... you are living in the dark ages.  We now have a computer attached to the tv so we can surf the web!  Hah!!!  I can CONTROL the tv with either the new computer keyboard, the mouse, or...I can use my TABLET.  OMG.  And long after our nephew left, we were able to watch a movie without phoning him for help.  Hah!!!  Mind you, we have two pages of idiot notes, which we referred to a couple of times.  But still - at our age I think that's pretty good.  I tease my nephew and refer to him as "1-800-call-Luke".  Um, don't phone that number.  It's not real, ok?  And there are too many digits.  You'd probably get a phone sex connection or something, and be totally pissed at me. 

Last week was Red Hat day and after lunch we went to one of the gal's houses to play cards and watch a movie.  As I said about technology, we could not get the DVD to give us sound in her lower level, even though we had several remote controls to choose from.  We had to go upstairs to the kitchen zone and watch the movie there.  Not that it was any hardship - it was actually better to be at the kitchen big-ass tv where we were close to the pie.  And, I remember several years ago when my brother added a ton of technology to their family room - his wife could no longer watch tv unless he was home.  DH and I stayed there for a week when we had our hardwood floors refinished, and we couldn't figure it out either.  We read a lot of books that week.  Lord help us over the next 20 years...

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