Monday, September 13, 2010

Retreat Roundup

Departure, and I'm late (as usual).  2:30 at Anne's house.

  • Thursday supper - lasagne, salad, apple pie, grog for Helen*.
  • Friday breakfast - whole wheat english muffins with butter & apricot jam.
  • Friday supper - ham, scalloped potatoes, salad, chocolate cake with poached pears & devon cream, grog for Helen*.
  • Saturday breakfast - French toast with fruit salad.
  • Saturday lunch - homemade butternut squash & apple soup with ham & cheese panini.
  • Saturday supper - coconut curry chicken with jasmine rice and mango salad, leftover chocolate cake & devon cream, grog for Helen*.
  • Sunday breakfast - Sue's baked oatmeal with blueberries & peaches.  We had to manifest our inner Sue since she was not able to join us this weekend.  But it is her recipe.  And it is delicious.
  • Sunday lunch - english muffins broiled with leftover ham, cheese and fresh tomatoes.  This took me back to my youth when Mom used to make us Cheese Dreams for a bedtime snack.
* Helen (that's me) DID share her grog.  However, Margaret and Anne drink tiny little 'two fingers' drinks.  If you know my background,  you will know this does not even count as a drink.  I think my dog drinks more licking up the occasional drip on the floor.

This was my project - another copy of the Jelly Roll quilt.

Uh oh - reverse sewing.

Here is the progress by the time we leave.

This was Margaret's project.  She didn't get much done.  Well, maybe she did - considering the size of this little bitty thing.

She was treasurer of the quilt show so she left Anne and I on our own for a lot of the weekend.  I wonder if she's counted her silver yet?  heh, heh, heh.

Sunday noon.  Margaret is heading back to the quilt show.  We look like the Black Bottom Gang.

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