Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feathered Star Quilt & Spiders

I finished a beautiful feathered star quilt last week.

I gave it feathers (appropriate, don't you think???) & continuous curve & bead board in the outer border.  The setting squares have stars quilted with the Circle Lord. 
The green inner border has ric rac quilting. 

Spiders.  I stepped on one last night after it FOOLISHLY scurried out from underneath my bottom thread drawer.  It was one of those Hallowe'en spiders - the black ones with the pointy, strong looking legs.  It was kinda twitching after I squashed it, like bugs do.  They always say that a headless chicken is running around just from 'nerves' that haven't realized they are dead yet.  Bugs seem to do the same thing, right?  So I wiped it up with a wad of toilet paper and tossed it in the potty.  This morning, I went to USE the potty, and guess who was swimming around in the bowl?  Correct.  Mr. Inky-Dinky.  I flushed before I sat, just in case the little bastard could jump.  And that is today's tale of life in the country.


  1. LOL! Great story neighbour!

    It looks beautiful!!!

    Well done.

  2. Great quilting but how on earth did the spider survive if you stepped on him?

  3. Dolores, I not only stepped on him, I DROWNED him. Very strong will to live, poor bugger.

  4. Beautiful quilting - the center especially.

  5. I love the quilting! I'm taking notes getting ready to quilt a feathered star for my husband! Oh..I will trade you spiders for the scorpions I find frequently! I squash and flush too..ick Ick ICK!


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