Friday, September 24, 2010

Quilting & Laundry

Here's a beauty of a Log Cabin quilt from last week.

One of these is on my to-do list.
I even have strips partially cut.

I am very lucky to be married to a man who can fix things. I bought our washing machine (and dryer) used, from a quilting friend in ... I think 2000.  That was the year everything in the house broke.  Even Mom landed in the hospital and got a pacemaker that year.  Anyhow.  The washer has been fixed by DH a few times already.  The dryer too.  Just little parts.  But if it's going yii, yii, yii instead of shukka, shukka, shukka, then you're not getting clean clothes, right?  Last weekend we got the yii, yii thing and a load full of soaking wet, unspun, clothes.  DH heads down to the appliance shop, gets the teeny parts, comes home and turns Bessie on her side.  Or whatever he does (I dunno, really).  His little report afterwards includes the detail that there was a pen, outer casing and inner refill, stuck in the pump.  Well, I can guarantee that did not come out of MY nerdy pocket protector.  Yeah, yeah, I know I should not be husband bashing.  But in the laundry department?  Trust me, I'm entitled.
Example:  here is a shirt.  Not mine.  And not a Vicki Welsh tie-dye.  That is grease.  Oil.  Something similar.  Possibly toxic.
I often think I should just skip the detergent and wash his clothes completely in Spray 'n Wash.  However, S 'n W didn't budge this stuff.  This shirt has actually already been through the treatment.  What you are seeing here is a SECOND treatment with Mean Green Degreaser.  Ooo - I love that stuff.

Am I a miracle worker, or what???


  1. Stunning quilting on a beautiful log cabin quilt - love the feathers!
    PS some of your photos are not displaying

  2. The primary reason all of my shirts are tie dyed is because of the stains! It covers them beautifully. I am not as laundry talented as you!


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