Sunday, September 19, 2010

Last Week's Action

Horse wall hanging.
Straight line quilting shows off the silk beautifully.

Applique quilt.
Meander with flowers, leaves, hearts & stars.
Friday was the Great Tricycle Race at Haldimand Motors in Cayuga.  There is a parade of floats by the local service clubs and the local fire departments, a tricycle race by the same groups (that is just TOO FUNNY to watch - grown  OVERgrown men zipping around a track on these teeny tricycles), a wheelbarrow race by the firemen, a zillion draw prizes, and a fabulous fireworks display at 9 pm.
This is the Caledonia Kinsmen float.  The space shuttle was welded up in our garage.  It was pointed out to me - it's a clear demonstration as to why it is totally necessary to keep the two old water tanks and the old tv tower, never mind me and my female "throw it out" nonsense.  Sigh.  Apparently I've been proven wrong, yet again.
At the end of the Kin-adarm is a large glove (stuffed with batting courtesy of moi) holding a Tim Hortons coffee can.  You can't get more Canadian than that.
Saturday I worked for a couple hours, had lunch with family, visited Mom and took her for a walk, then did the grocery shopping.  Sunday I spent in the yard spreading mulch, and planting a volunteer bed.  Two volunteer spirea shrubs, three volunteer lilac bushes, two volunteer poplar trees, one volunteer oak tree, and one volunteer blue spruce tree gifted to me by Margaret.  By the time I came in I was so tired I couldn't even wind up the hose.  I had trouble holding a fork to eat my supper.  I think I'm heading off now for a girly bath with bubbles and lots of mineral salts.

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