Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sampler Quilt, Bathrooms, Sunday blocks

Sampler quilt - mostly quilted with a pantograph, but custom quilting in the center block.
I love light backings that show the quilting.
New bathtubs are coming tomorrow (yippee!!!!). DH is replumbing the main potty, via the closet in the guest room.
Tomorrow night we'll have a lovely new tub & surround - no more icky rust stains. I cannot wait.
I'm catching up on some blocks.
#1 - due last week for the quilt shop. This will cost me another $10 I think. Bad late quilter, bad! I remembered Tuesday at 8:45 pm that the first Tuesday of the month was the pickup time for my $10 quilt club. Why do I bother writing things on my calendar?

#2 - due last week for the Binbrook guild Block of the Month. Bad late quilter, bad! Before the meeting I was pretty sure I had committed to a BOM but I couldn't find it. The next day it was staring me right in the face, where I had been looking. Perhaps I should get my eyes checked?

#3 - due June 21st for the Binbrook guild Block of the Month. Early piecer - good! Now, watch me go and forget to bring it to the guild meeting.

#4 - no pic yet. Ugly Fabric Challenge project due Wednesday for the Caledonia Guild. There will be a $10 penalty if I don't have it finished, so I will get my butt in gear this afternoon and git'r-done.

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