Sunday, June 27, 2010

Refreshing the Lawn Swings

I have two lawn swings - one is a cute little cedar love seat. The chair pads are hand-me-downs in purple & blue that don't really match anything. Seriously, nothing in the world.
The other is Mom's antique that she bought used when my oldest brother (who is now... 66?) was a baby. I did the cushions on this for her about 15 years ago. The fabric is quite hole-ey and leaves fabric crumbles on you when you sit on it.
Fabricland had their outdoor fabric on sale last month so I chose a blue/green floral. When you are doing upholstery/cushions use a T-square to get a nice 45 degree edge. You'll need to square up again periodically, since this is fabric after all, and it shifts & shimmies.
A long straight edge is what you want for marking your cutting lines.
Before you make a single cut, draw a picture with all of your required pieces, the cut sizes, and then plot it on paper. You may discover that moving your pieces around will make better use of the fabric and you'll have leftovers for pillows.
Fifteen years ago I was afraid of welting. Seriously. I make tons of the stuff now, since cushions, slipcovers, and light upholstery are things I do for a living. This is 26 yards - it took me 1 hour 15 minutes.
Day 1 - all pieces measured & cut, the welting is made, two cushions for the love seat are finished, and the welting is stitched to the seat pieces for the big swing.
Hopefully I will have a Day 2 update for you tomorrow morning.

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