Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I love my garden. I always run a week or two late on quilting jobs in June, forgetting how much time I need to allow for outdoor work. The yard is 1 1/2 acres and I have several flowerbeds that are always full of grass. This will be another many-truck-loads-of-mulch year.

The cutting garden is in the front half of the bed. Only the left half is in the photo. Right now I have peonies, coreopsis, dianthus, and California poppies. Just finished are the Siberian Iris, although I love the leftover seed pods - very alien looking. Almost ready to bloom are the huge Black Eyed Susans and the large pink poppies.

The back of the bed is the veggie garden. I've been harvesting (hah!) lettuce and spinach at a constant rate. Something keeps eating my green bean seedlings, but they're coming. I think next week I can start pulling some beets... yum yum. I've started picking potato beetles off the plants and I'm stalking the tomatoes waiting for the nasty nasty hornworms. The birds are eating the cherries and the mice are eating the strawberries, so the foodbank is open, I guess.

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  1. Oh your garden brings back so many memories! I'm actually looking at columbines galore on my septic bed at the cottage awaiting the lilies that are in bud.
    I have bee balm to keep my little humming birds busy during July. Yes, as you said the food bank is open and life is good.
    I too find it hard to get to the machine and do the work that must be finished. I love this time of year.


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