Friday, June 11, 2010

Lovely Bathroom, Ugly Fabric Challenge

Here is my finished project made with fabric from the Ugly Fabric Challenge. The uglies are the purple print in the flying geese, and the puke green striped fabric on the sides/bottom of the bag. I didn't win a prize, but I now have a lovely handbag that goes with exactly one pair of capris. Well, ok, it goes with another pair of pants too, but they will only fit me if I lose five pounds. (note to self: update wardrobe with more puke green clothing).Now - here's the bathroom update. Bathfitters came on Monday with tubs for both of the bathrooms, however, one of the tubs does not fit. So, I only have one nice new bathtub, not two. I'll give you a progress report again in approximately two weeks. Jason, the installer, was friendly, cheerful, and whistled while he worked. Although I did hear him curse under his breath once or twice.

Step 1 is putting smelly double stick tape on the walls, then stick new walls on.
Step 2 is putting smelly black goo on the old tub, then placing the new tub over top of the old tub.
Step 3 - add some nice trim around the edges & caulk all seams. Wait 24 hours before using.
This is not 'fancy' but it is oh-so-nice to have clean & shiny.


  1. I LOVE that purse! Great job on making uglies into gorgeous!
    I never heard of just putting a new tub over the old...hmmm...

  2. We have walk in shower as we are getting older and the walk in is just great.
    The bath sure looks fresh!
    I had to clik to see "the ugly" and you made it look fabulous dahlink!


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