Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wood, Bad Quilt & Batik Quilt

I took some time out from wood chopping (my little hatchet got so hot it was going to melt!) to post pics of Bad Quilt, Bad. It turned out really pretty. As a Longarm Quilter I am a back junkie - I always love the look of the back. This one does not disappoint.I also got this finished up. Lovely batiks with a chain that pops right out. I used the Circle Lord for the motifs on this. It got to be time that I either had to DUST the Christmas decorations or put them away. I opted to put them away and dust them next year. Heh heh. I have the downstairs potty FINISHED. The wallpaper is up but it is Bad wallpaper, BAD. Why did I choose a plaid? Pics in the next post. I also have the upstairs potty FINISHED. The London Shade is hung and looks lovely. I still need to purchase a white-ish shower curtain liner (maybe tomorrow). Pics of this will also be in the next post.

Today's pet peeve: people who promise to do things and don't keep their promise. In spite of being reminded. In spite of causing a little old lady (namely my Mom) some physical discomfort. For a month. Geez - gimme a break. She's 89 and cannot do for herself (or believe me - she would). In cases like this I can only tell myself what goes around comes around. Then I take a deep calming breath and make a martini.


Laurie said...

I would love to send you my quilts but feel the postage would prohibitive.. what lovely backs i have always fancied doing a one piece quilt where the quilting is the pattern... beautiful work

Ramona-quilter said...

I'm with you on the broken promises pet-peeve. Lip service just chaps my hide. Hopefully you will be there to witness the "coming around" for the empty-promise maker. (snicker)

dthneece said...

What an amazing talent and gift you have! I love your blog.
I'm sorry about your mom too. It's too bad our lives don't begin for us all with a compulsory month of being elderly. Wouldn't we all have compassion and empathy built into our characters then! God bless your mom with something special to make up for it.