Sunday, January 24, 2010

Potty update with pics & today's horoscope

Here is the bad plaid wallpaper in the downstairs potty. The plaid only lines up sporadically and all four rolls came from the same lot number.Here is the London Shade and the matching shower curtain in the ensuite.

All three of the following statements are from my horoscope for today. Should I change my name to Sybil?

try not to let any irrational thoughts or worries bother you too much right now.

your mind could be a little hazy at the moment.

try to remember to listen to the wisdom of your own inner voice.


Ramona-quilter said...

OK, I know you said it was bad but I adore that wallpaper. The first house we ever bought was new and we got to pick wallpaper/carpets, etc. I chose the most fabulous orange, green and yellow PLAID wallpaper for the kitchen. Hey, it was the 70's.

irene said...

I like it...keeps me focused on why I am there....ha

So I take it the log!!!! has been chopped and piled

solomi558 said...

Hi, Helen Mary , I,m cottonreel you visited and left a comment , thankyou .
I can see I .ll be visiting your blog quite often, I love the chinese lantern quilt, I have the pattern somewhere in my files . Isn,t it funny we quilters always want to do what someone else is doing . I try never to envy anyone but I must say , a long arm quilter !!!!
I use to visit relatives in Penetanguishene
the plaid paper is nice, I like it