Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Movie review, mean dog & more UFO's. Geez Louise!

This past Monday we went to see Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. DH liked it. Me... not so much. It was very dark and mostly an action flic, with some mystery around black magic thrown in. I get to pick the next movie, thank goodness. It will be light and airy and humorous. With hugs & kisses thrown in for good measure.

Sure, she LOOKS innocent enough. The monster head-butted me this afternoon - I saw stars. She accidently-on-purpose dropped her Binky which she whips around like a cowboy with his pistol. I bent down to grab it and win the game. But somebody (dog body) likes to play rough and went for it at the same time. ooooohhh, ouch.

Here she is hoping a piece of carrot will hop off the counter and into her mouth. Eternal optimist.

I have a sweet customer who loves to make scrap quilts. We got chatting one day and I (kiddingly) said I should send her home with a bag of MY scraps. Hah! She took me up on it. The dark one still needs a border, but good gosh-a-mighty, how nice was that? However - that adds another TWO quilts to my UFO list. aarghhh.

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Myra said...

Great scrap quilts in the making there! Lucky you! 8-)