Friday, January 15, 2010

Bad quilt, bad!! And more UFO's.

I lead such an exciting life. Friday night and I'm doing my sales tax remittance. Sheesh. I guess I blew the wad on Wednesday - at guild I won one of the prize draws AND I won the block of the month collection. Oh wait - that means I have another UFO (insert me laughing maniacally). When I came home that night I found my lovely new hand rail installed on the front porch.

Some quilts just don't want to play nice. Here we are with a turned block. The quilt is loaded and half quilted. (can you say aaarrgh!! ?) Yes - I checked this thoroughly before I started and that block was NOT like that. Gremlins.

Pull up a tall chair and pick out the stitching. Stitch it back in by hand.

Ta da - fixed. mutter mutter....



Helen, you are such a good quilter to take the block out and fix it while on your machine!

Anonymous said...

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Dolores said...

Hmmm. That technology gadget lady sure does get around. Must be desperate for advertising. Anyway, I commend you on your being able to fix that quilt. Some people would have left it and said "it was meant to be like that." I guess you have a bit more wood chopping to do.