Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Telephone Calls and Potty Redecorating

It's vacation time for me so there are no quilts to show you. If you really need a quilt pic try Webshots. I am too busy working on the bathrooms.

I talk to Margaret (of the Kawartha Retreat Margarets) every Tuesday at 7 pm. Tonight I missed her call 'cause DH and I were out getting stuff for the bathrooms. I always feel bad when I miss her call (it's not like I don't know the schedule) - she leaves a very forlorn message on our machine that even makes the dog look at me like I'm a bad person. I called her back as soon as I had some supper (she did not want to listen to my stomach growling) and she has graciously forgiven me.

I had a telemarketer phone at 9:20 tonight. Don't you think that is a wee bit LATE to be making solicitation calls?

Downstairs potty - the old wallpaper is off but the walls need lots of work before the new paper is applied. The stupid people (bad Helen, don't talk that way) who built the house did not prime any of the walls. They just slapped on one coat of paint. And cheap sh*t at that. When we bought and I started decorating it took me a couple of rooms and some expertise from my s.i.l. (the paint expert) before I figured out what was wrong. I'd put two coats of green paint on the walls and they'd be back to builders beige quick as a wink. Huh?? After I became aware of the reason for disappearing pigment and wallpaper falling off the walls, I started priming before I did anything else. This bathroom never got the treatment, as you can clearly see.
Here is the paper. We went to a Big Big Wallpaper Store on Ottawa Street in Hamilton. They have tons of paper in one half of the store, and the prices are very reasonable (most between $7 and $10 per single roll). The other half is all Christmas stuff.

Main floor potty - the old paper is off and we're ready for the new stuff, but the paper is still on order.

Upstairs potty - the wallpaper is off and we're ready for paint.

This afternoon we loaded up the car with broken stuff that was purchased at Home Depot. They are certainly not in the business of honouring product warranties. The smoke detectors with a 5 year warranty will have to go back to the manufacturer. The chop saw will have to go back to Rigid. The garbage bags with faulty seams (now that is a MESSY problem) were replaced. But we had to pick up the garbage ourselves. On the other hand, our local Home Hardware was happy to refund the purchase price of the smoke detectors we returned to them - an excellent reason to shop local. This probably doesn't make any sense. We had 5 smoke detectors, all the same brand, that all went screwy within two weeks. Two came from Home Hardware and three came from Home Depot. Does that clear up the confusion?

DH was kinda p.o.'d with Home Depot so we took our little selves over to Lowes to purchase the stuff we needed for the downstairs potty. (Yes, I already tried shopping at Home Hardware - they didn't have product that appealed to me.) For 15 years I've been living with a two dollar light fixture and five dollar towel racks. No more, baby! Sadie is guarding some of mommy's new stuff. Nothing fancy, just NEW. To match my word for 2010 - sparkly.

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