Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas, Food, Word for 2010

Hubby's latest tree. Five foot-ish.

Christmas was fairly quiet around here this year. The newlyweds came for dinner on Wednesday. She's been creating delicious things in the kitchen. We received a box containing peanut butter cups and cashew clusters, and a large container of Earl Grey Cupcakes with Lemon Butter Cream Frosting. They have a food blog with all their recipes (and believe me - they ARE foodies). It is really hard to feel confident about your menu choices when you are feeding people with high-level taste buds. As a for-instance: he has a computer connected to his Big Green Egg (fancy barbeque) so the temperature can be monitored from anywhere. I am always just happy if we don't burn down the house and the chicken is still edible. However, they managed to choke down the supper DH and I prepared and they did not leave hungry. On Christmas Day I brought Mom home from 'the home' for a wonderful Christmas lunch of pierogy (her absolute all-time favorite food). She was pretty alert for a couple of hours then the confusion set in. sigh... I miss her. She enjoyed her lunch and her visit, and that's all that counts.

For the remainder of the holidays I will be redecorating a couple of bathrooms. Three to be exact. Well, maybe four. One is getting paint and new window treatments and shower curtain. Two are getting new wallpaper. Another is getting window treatment and shower curtain. I need to buy wallpaper for one, and the paper is ordered for the other. The paint is in hand, but I may not have enough. The fabric has been purchased and contrasting trim selected. I think I will make a London Shade for at least one of the windows but I need to double check my yardage.

My other project over the holidays will be to pick a WORD for 2010. My new favorite blog is Christine Kane. Her blog posts are full of inspiration and humour - exactly my kind of thing. At this point I am thinking about the word SPARK.
  • spark of wisdom
  • spark of brilliance
  • spark of illumination
  • spark of wit
  • spark of humour
  • sparkly-shiny
  • sparkly-wonderful
  • sparkly-vibrant
Can you see where this is going?


Anonymous said...

The tree is really cool! Love it.

Melanie Marshall said...

we loved dinner! everything was delicious and spending some time with you and kerry for the holidays was also very lovely :)

p.s - i like the word spark.