Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Olympic Flame in Caledonia, Movie Night, and Quilts

Watching the torch get lit was really kind of cool. It put a little ketch in my throat.

After watching that it was time to get ready for the gaggle of Red Hats who came over for movie night. Julie & Julia was very entertaining and definitely worth the $4.00 rental charge. Captain Billy's Koolaid was enjoyed by all (hic!). The gals brought over all the munchies. And let me tell you - if Red Hats know anything, we know how to eat. There was no shortage of nibblies. I had to check the dog's tail for sweepings of cream cheese dip and hot pepper jelly. The coffee table is just the proper height when she's wagging her tail (and when is she NOT wagging her tail?). She was very glad all the girls came over to see her.

And look - I HAVE been working.

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