Friday, November 13, 2009

Quilting, Shoes & Zucchini (still???!!)

I love this scrappy quilt. Black makes the colours really pop. I quilted it with purple thread - feathers in the black background and continuous curve in the print fabrics.

My friend Anne (I am using the term 'friend' loosely here - you'll see why!) felt that I was making too much progress on my UFOs. At guild on Wednesday she gifted me with a Tinner she won a few years ago, knowing me well enough to be aware of my penchant for shoes. I'm ticked about the extra UFO but I really like the blocks, so I guess she is still my friend.

And this week's surprise in the mailbox. Someone made me laugh out loud when I opened this. Anyone willing to fess up???


  1. Love the purple thread against the black. Very pretty. Love the quilt too.

  2. The purple thread on the black really makes that quilt! Well, that and your fabulous quilting.

  3. The purple thread on the black is a great idea - I must remember that. The quilt is beautiful.


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