Sunday, November 1, 2009

Margaret's Retreat

Another wonderful long weekend at Margaret's. I think the feature this weekend was the breakfasts that Sue made. Saturday was waffles with fresh raspberries, maple syrup and whipped cream.

Sunday was Eggs Benedict (a direct result of a challenge I made to her based on the Tobermory retreat). That woman sure can cook - she's never made Eggs Benedict before.

Stack 'n Whack top started in... 2002?

Three-dimensional bow tie blocks - the blocks are done and the top is nearing completion. No thanks to Jilly (the dog). If you get anywhere near the floor she comes over and either skittches across all your blocks or French Kisses you (blech). Sometimes both. If she is too busy watching the insides of her eyelids, then it's the cats making merry on the quilt.

Margaret seems to have lost the beginning or the end. I'm not sure which.

Pfffttt - what a crummy place for Anne to sew, eh? Margaret is living the life of Riley in this wonderful home.

Everything is not perfect. She really needs a new salad spinner.

Time to go home? Already?

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