Monday, August 3, 2009


You've probably been thinking that I'm just all about going out and having fun, eh? Well, NO. Actually I've been working too. You should be able to just click on the photos for a full screen pic.

This was quilted with a light variegated thread in the print fabrics, with a squiggle/loop design to mimic the fabric. Black 'X's went in all the black squares with a diamond design in the border.

This Asian Panels quilt got the diamond treatment in the cream border. This was marked with a blue washout marker and a 1" x-hatching stencil - just tiny little dots were marked. These were both really nice quilts to work on. As you can probably tell, longarm quilters really like the back of quilts. :-)

My excitement this week is a NEW BREADMAKER. We had dinner with friends to celebrate our anniversary and their birthdays. I was whining about our breadmaker giving up the ghost. Lo and behold, they had two breadmakers, and thought I was a great excuse to clean out their cupboards. Yaaay, all the way around!! We will be swapping cupboard cleanouts, though. We're gifting an old guitar to their daughter. More yaaaay!! Hubby cleaned up the office which is just a fancy work for 'junk room'. We have salmon coloured carpet in there. Who knew? He's not much for dusting so I think maybe I will get out the old feather fluffy and dust off the desk. OMG. For two weeks now I've actually stuck to my target of doing books every Monday night for an hour or two. And I have another chance tonight to do it again. Maybe I won't be down here all next April turning into a troll?

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