Saturday, August 22, 2009

Morning Out Class Quilt, Outdoorsey Quilts

I have Floyd unplugged for a while because it is pouring rain with thunder & lightening AGAIN. Hubby got the patio bricks finished this week - yippee!! Now we have our outdoor dance hall back. Not that he'll dance. But the dog & I....

Here is the actual sample quilt for the Morning Out classes. This is a 48 x 60 - I've also written the pattern to include a single size and a double size.

It seems to be the season for outdoorsey quilts. I did the two fishing quilts a couple weeks ago. Now I've done a bear quilt and a wild animal quilt. I also have another moose quilt in the lineup.

I quite enjoyed quilting the snowflakes in this blue border because it was about 100 degrees at the time. Cooled off my mind, if nothing else.


  1. Helen, did you freehand the ferns/ swirls or is it a panto pattern?

  2. The ferns are freehand. Make a curvy spine, stitch ferns up one side then down the other.


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