Friday, August 14, 2009

Quilt, Trouble with the Universe, Zucchini (yes again)

Pat's quilt turned out really nice.

Apparently, the Universe is not done with us yet. Last week it was the washing machine. It was going 'clackety, clackety, clackety' but it was not spinning. After I wrung (by hand) all the water out of my laundry DH took the beast apart and replaced a small $25 part. We're back in business for the time being. But seriously, that washer doesn't owe us a penny. I bought the washer AND dryer used, from a quilting buddy of mine about 6 years ago for $300. DH has repaired the dryer once and the washer twice.

Yes mummy, I really really want more zucchini.

Tonight, in preparation for shredding much zucchini for the freezer I got out the mix-master, which has the meat grinder/veggie chopper attachment. This was a wedding gift from my inlaws. See previous post about us recently celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. OK, have you put 2 and 2 together? So, I turn this baby on and all it will run at is HIGH speed. I mean REALLY HIGH. Crap. Now I have to shred all this stuff by hand. I always get a wee bit of protein in the mix when I inadvertently shred my knuckles off.

Zucchini added to the freezer today: 9 cups.

DH: "D" is not always for 'darling'. Sometimes it is for dingbat. I have my email set up so there is an automatic signature. It says "Helen" and has my blog address. DH sends out emails and changes the "Helen" to Helen and her good for nothing fat lazy useless Assistant. However, he neglects to indicate the the email is actually from him. I get an email back from my sister in law asking me if he (DH) knows how I am talking about him. Huh??? Well, I guess now he knows I call him a dingbat sometimes. heh, heh, heh.

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