Thursday, April 16, 2015

another "Not My Quilt" and coming home from MQX (or: The Boston Airport Bathroom Story!)

On our final day in NH I think we all decided that we'd had the best.trip.ever.  My final class was with Jenny Pedigo and Helen Robinson from Sew Kind of Wonderful.  They had so many quilts at the show, I have no idea how they got them all there.  There was also a special exhibit of their work with 34 quilts hanging.  I truly wanted to suck every bit of creativity out of their brains.  Now I feel obligated to get better at pebbling.

Sunday was our day to come home and we had a few hours to kill, so the bus took us to Keepsake Quilting, which is probably everyone's favorite quilt shop.  Huge, too - you need a couple of hours to go through the place.  I was feeling rather blase about the whole thing because I was NOT BUYING FABRIC.  Yeah.  I'm sure you can guess how that turned out.

The Boston Airport Bathroom Story
So.  In the morning you have to hurry-up-and-pack-and-be-at-the-bus-by-7:45-a.m.  Well.  Someone (you can guess that was NOT me!) had a leftover box of wine that wasn't opened.  We have no idea how that happened - it must have fallen behind the closet, or something.  It would not fit in her suitcase, even if she used the magic fairy dust.  So, another gal offered to pack it.  However, being so early in the morning she was not exactly paying attention to where said wine was packed.  Well, those nice people at the airport tend to frown on liquids being brought into the cabin in your carry-on bag.  A few pilfered Starbucks cups later...
I was threatened with serious violence and mayhem on my personal body if this made it to the blog, so I have disguised the crazy-ladies involved.  If you realize, a week from now, that you have not heard from me...


  1. Great picture of those strangers in the bathroom!


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