Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Oh, delicious sleep until the birds woke me up at ...6 am maybe? This is a pic of where I'm waiting  for the other sleepyheads. Yesterday's shopping trip was a bust for me. The batiks I was finding were around $25  for 2 m. pieces and there was no bartering to be done. Pooh. Although, really, it is NOT like I need more fabric. Lunch at Bridges in Ubud was very good! And owned by a Canadian, to boot.
Last night just about everyone had arrived from countries hither and yon. The meet and greet included a buffet featuring a suckling pig. I wandered off to bed at 9 pm.
Today's schedule: breakfast for members of the bride's family, afternoon wedding , then party, party, party.
Yum - my coffee has just arrived. More news later...

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